The Truth About IPP Sentences

UK Sex Offender Register follows America in destroying families and children has been at the forefront when it comes to informing people of the hypocrisies and unjust nature of the UK Sex Offender Register. With an age of criminal responsibility set at 10 years of age, together with no statute of limitations on sexual offences, Britain puts both the very young and the very old on the register with alarming regularity.

The Sexual Offences Act 2003 widened the scope of sexual offences so much that people are being ‘brought to justice‘ for offences that are 50 or 60 years old and have not re offended since, whilst at the same time very young children are being convicted of so called ‘sexual offences’ that 15 years ago would have been behaviour considered part of normal development.

Once on the register, their lives are effectively over.

We publish below an article from which sounds a very loud warning bell to the UK.

What is happening in the United States is terrifying – and there is a whole army of child protection zealots (many of whom make a good living as politicians and lobbyists from their activities and posturing) who are determined to take the UK down the same road.

The article is as follows:

Did you know children as young as 8 years old are being arrested and charged with sex crimes? Did you know that if when you were 10 years old, if you experimented with a neighbor, or a friend sexually, and you are now 16 years old, you can be arrested, taken to court which can take 2 years.. which would mean you are now an adult, you can be CHARGED AS AN ADULT FOR A SEX CRIME and placed on the National Shaming, Sex Offender Registry for the Rest of Your Life? It does not matter that the incidents happened when you were 10 years old… If you are charged years later, you can be tried as an adult for something you did when you were 10 years old! Believe it.. it is happening in cities around the nation.

Did you know if you are 19 years old, and you have sex with your 15 year old girl friend, you can be arrested and branded a Sex Offender for the REST OF YOUR LIFE?

Did you know, if you are 12 years old, and you exchange nude photos with your boy or girl friend over your cell phones, you can be ARRESTED AND BRANDED A SEX OFFENDER?

Did you know their are men and women who may have got caught having sex with their under age girl friend, 40 years ago when they were both teenagers, and now because of new, unconstiutional laws are being branded SEX OFFENDERS and put up on the National Sex Offender registries right there with men who have raped women and children? Nobody can tell the difference between the guy who 40 years ago had sex with his teen girl friend, while being a teen.. and the child molester and baby rapist in our current sex offender registries.

Sexual abuse, rape and violence is rampant in the United States of America. The moral breakdown of the citizens of America has reached an unbelievably high level.

Through the choice of our citizens a number of things have been allowed to be promoted which has created this situation:

* Widespread sexualization of the media for decades has brainwashed our children and families about what role sex plays in society.
* Sex, Violence and Sexual Violence in the Media is, “ENTERTAINMENT” and thus has instilled into the minds of our people the preponderance that sex and violence, even sexual violence is exciting.
* Self gratification, pursuit of financial gain at the expense of any type of past morality of our nation is the goal of a great number of citizens including Politicians, Governors and Lawmakers.
* Ever increasing laws created and implemented solely for the purposes of political gain and posturing which totally disregard the effects these poorly crafted laws have on the citizens of this once great nation.
* Politicians and Lawmakers disregard the will of the people and sneak by laws which harm the people or remove constitutional rights from citizens, under cover of darkness or trickery… saying they know the laws have constitutional issues, but that is okay, they can just pass the laws and wait for citizens to litigate for their rights. This done, knowing many in America cannot Afford Justice as Justice in America goes to the highest bidder and most of the,”COMMON WORKING CLASS CITIZENS” do not have the many thousands of dollars to ever afford an adequate attorney to fight for their constitutional rights.
* Our nation has fallen to the rich, ruling class of people who choose to remove our civil rights and oppress the masses simply because they have the money and power to be able to do so.
* No accountability for lawmakers and politicians who get enacted laws which harm citizens… they are exempt from reproach, from lawsuits…

We have countless thousands of people now labeled as undesirables.. banished from society. The lawmakers know they are sending these people to their doom. Sending our children, men and women into banishment and ultimately homelessness and prison by enacting broad, sweeping legislation which even reaches back decades to again persecute and punish people who have earned their freedom by NOT re offending in any way.

We have lawmakers making laws which have children, 10, 12, 14 being arrested and charged with sex crimes for things as simple as touching each other in inappropriate places. Teens arrested and charged with sex crimes for sending nude photo of themselves to each other. Men who committed a sex crime decades ago. Served out their sentence. Only to find out the courts have passed some new law each week that adds more punishment, forces them to move, forces them out of their jobs, forces them into homelessness… all without a new trial.. all these burdens placed upon them RETROACTIVELY with the stroke of some politicians pen.

One day America will wake up and realize if these lawmakers can completely remove the rights of anyone with the stroke of a pen, they can do it to Anyone!

If this nation allows any group to be labeled, like Dirty Stinking Indians, Niggers, Jews, or Women in a derogatory manner, labeled in a way so as to allow for their complete and utter degradation.. their being placed in an under class of people… shunned and outcast… banished from work, housing and society as a whole… then this nation is no better than those who followed Adolf Hitler who was successful in labeling a whole group of people and ultimately marking them out for annihilation. Our country has had a history of labeling people for the purposes of abusing them. First the Indians were labeled as dirty, stinking and many other names which allowed for them to be killed, abused and herded onto reservations.. away from society.. Then our nation brought in Black people and labeled them Niggers so they could be sold as slaves, beaten, murdered, segregated from the White citizens… Women too have been treated as third class citizens in the past…not allowed to vote… and much worse… they had no rights. Now, in Modern day America… we are allowing our Elected Officials to create a NEW subclass of people to label, banish from society, force them into unemployment, force them into homelessness..all for political gain.

The German people sat by and watched, and too helped as the Jewish People were labeled Dirty Jews… helped the Gestapo’s to¬† take their homes, place a banner on them, a mark, a branding label…load them onto trains and send them off to death camps…We look back at what happened in Germany with disgust, all the while allowing it to go on right here in OUR America!

Our leaders have created a new Sub Class of people with their media frenzy, the modern day nigger and Jew of today are now called the Sex Offenders.

Any person today who hears the term Sex Offender instantly thinks of a rapist of child molester. I assure you that this is NOT the case. Thousands of people are being labeled Sex Offender who would never even dream of raping anyone or molesting a child. Nevertheless, all are marked and singled out to end up jobless and homeless.

These laws are INSANE and harming countless thousands of Men, Women and Children.

The Insanity needs to be brought out into the open and this website is here for that sole purpose. To bring to the light the darkenes which has swept over this nation.

We all need good, smart laws to protect equally all of society. Simply saying we are going to get Tough on Crime, to Protect the Children…then going out and enacting some new law which actually protects noone and harms countless children and families is the common practice today…

Eighteen Thousand Alcohol related deaths in America.. but do you see any drunk driver registries? Do you see any politicians going about, TO SAVE THE CHILDREN from all these Alcohol Deaths? No, why not? I will tell you… SEX SELLS! EIGHTEEN THOUAND ALCOHOL RELATED DEATHS EACH YEAR IN AMERICA. EIGHTEEN THOUSAND DEATHS! Why, I ask you is your politician silent on this issue? hopes that this wake-up call does not go unnoticed. If it does, we believe that the UK is headed for social disaster. Even if their behaviour since their offence is exemplary, anyone on the UK Sex Offender’s Register is branded for life. This is not the case if you are a robber, mugger, drug dealer, violent thug, or thief.

The problem with importing all your ideas from the US is that as well as some of the good stuff, you get all of the bad.

5 Responses to UK Sex Offender Register follows America in destroying families and children

  1. Majeed
    May 9, 2018 at 1:17 pm

    I am an alcoholic I have a bad habit of hugging people when I am drunk hug and a peck on the cheek with a few comments( none of them referring to anything specifically sexual)put me on a register with those who seriously assault and rape… Probation for two years with all its notifications is one thing Id take for my drunken behavior but to be put to be on a register, labelled as a sex offender for five years is unjust

  2. richiemead
    December 5, 2011 at 2:58 pm

    hi i agree with you and whats more after your convicted you have a life yes LIFE!!!!! sentence police being able to call at your house unanounced to see you every 4 months. i was to believe that you sign the register ewvery year but thats gone by the wayside. it goes into the relhm of harrassment but do they care no.
    whats more disturbing is ths fact that im innocent but i might as well shout at the wall for what good it does me. tre system belives the person who makes the complaint regardless no matter what they… ie an alian from outer space came and raped me dont worry we will catch them and bring him to justice ha what a joke there is no justice only for the system and the terrorists who make the laws and not to mention the real pedoes the people who take your life into another black hole. the phycologists you could not emagine the shite they come out with to make there job.
    according to these experts wear are all pedofiles avery man women and child after reading this article.

  3. Matthew Jones
    March 28, 2011 at 1:49 am


    • Raymond Peytors -
      March 28, 2011 at 10:45 am

      You may want to get our Free Subscribers Magazine where we cover this subject in more detail – RP

  4. merlin
    January 25, 2011 at 7:00 pm

    This is scary stuff mate! Now I know where all this stuff in the UK has come from. Everything that is written above shows how these damn MPs don’t give a toss about real people or their families, only themselves. It’s so easy for theses people to pass laws and get the credit without even thinking about the effect on normal people. No wonder they love to copy America. That way they don’t have to think for themselves!

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