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Student Riots – not everyone needs or wants a university education

Today in London there were demonstrations against the proposed rise in university tuition fees. The question that everyone, except it seems, is afraid to ask is “Why is it necessary for so many people to go to university?”

It is a ridiculous proposal that everyone should have to go to university in order to later get a job. Equal opportunity is one thing; half-baked social engineering is something else.

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Tony Blair and Gordon Brown both decided to promote the absurd target of 50% of children going to a university. A typically ill-conceived, politically driven policy that destroys the true value of having a degree, causes universities to offer cheap and worthless qualifications, gives students a totally false impression as to the worth of those qualifications and deprives the rest of us of much needed – and well paid – plumbers, electricians, carpenters and other truly useful people. does not subscribe to the politically correct nonsense that every school-leaver should have a degree whilst, at the same time we do accept that everyone should have the opportunity to go to university provided that they are suited to it and that they will benefit from it.

It is a fact that not everyone is suited to a university existence and it is equally true that having a degree most certainly does not guarantee that you will get a job. It is also totally wrong that parents should be blackmailed into forcing their offspring into an educational system that is perhaps unsuitable, unpleasant and ineffective for those who have to endure it, purely  on the basis that if parents do not do so, they are failing their children.

In the 1970s and 1980s about 20% of those leaving school went on to university. A degree was worth having, as was an apprenticeship or college qualification. Now, we have a situation where degrees are often worthless, apprenticeships are non existent, students don’t know how to solve problems (and often cannot spell either!) and the university experience has been reduced to nothing more than a fashion accessory. Remember also that for many, the whole experience of university is unpleasant and undignified, stressful and in the end, a total waste of time, effort and money.

Now add to the above the fact that after graduating you are likely to be in debt to as much as £30,000.

Perhaps when considering this, even Cameron and Clegg will be able to understand that the policy set up by their predecessors is totally wrong and often demoralising for those involved. suggests that it is unforgivable to force our young adults into an experience that is quite often unsuitable for them. University is not an extension of school, should not be treated as such and should be for those who are able to benefit from it, not something that is expected to be enforced on everyone leaving school through a form of moral, social and political blackmail.

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