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Vince Cable at war with Murdoch – and about time

The Business Secretary, Vince Cable has  “declared war” on Rupert Murdoch and his empire. and many others will be glad to hear this whilst at the same time regretting that these comments may well cost Cable his job.

The comments are from an undercover tape made by reporters from the Daily Telegraph. Mr Cable makes it very clear that he has blocked Murdoch’s attempt to take full control of BskyB which would also make him even more influential in 10 Downing Street than he was even in the days of Tony Blair.

Mr Cable has a quasi judicial role in deciding on such business takeovers and his impartiality has been hopelessly compromised. As this article is being written, senior cabinet members have been summoned to Downing Street to figure out David Cameron’s next move. would be astonished if Cable was not sacked but Cameron needs to be very careful. Cable could be very dangerous indeed if he were removed to the back benches of the Commons.

There are very many Liberal Democrats who feel betrayed on prison reform, the IPP sentence, student tuition fees and other contentious issues. All of them would flock to Cable and if there were enough of them, the Coalition could fall. There is currently so much infighting in the Government that it would not take much to bring the Coalition to its knees.

There will be much soul searching going on. Ken Clarke’s position is in jeopardy and now it seems Cable’s job is also in question. The Coalition is in an even worse position because many of the public are aware that Murdoch has too much influence. He was one of the first to visit Cameron after the election and he had Blair and his ministers in his back pocket. The public will be pleased that the owner of the Sun, the Times and Sky News is being put under pressure.

Murdoch and his organisation, News International have been indirectly responsible for the never ending increase in prison sentences, a personal vendetta against sex offenders and drug users, influencing the decision to go to war with Iraq, cutting benefits and hammering the poor. He has done these things by blackmailing governments, threatening to go against them with all his collective might if they did not go along with him.

If Murdoch gets his controlling interest he will have even more influence on government policy. Although this revelation from Vince Cable may cost a good man his job, if it brings Murdoch and his increasingly strong grip on Cameron and Clegg into doubt, we should all be grateful.

Cable has always been popular with the public; we should all wish him well. He may survive, he may not. believes that whatever happens, a few more men of Cable’s honesty and openness would do the Government a power of good.

One Response to Vince Cable at war with Murdoch – and about time

  1. allan
    December 21, 2010 at 4:42 pm

    Mr money bag Murdoch” yes I’m sure the entire country will agree with this
    comment, except those with an invested interest in the Murdoch enterprise,
    unfortunately this has been a problem since the dawning of mankind. Money =
    power & power= corruption. Business secretary Vince cable behold” your voice
    is carried by the wings of a dove.

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