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Vote Yes to AV and drag Britain out of the past – for all our sakes

Support AV unless you want more of the same misery has watched and listened to the various arguments for and against the Alternative Voting System.

We have heard the likes of the greedy, vindictive and very nasty Michael Howard say the ‘Yes’ campaign is getting desperate; we have heard David Cameron lie with superb hypocrisy as he condemns AV – even though he was elected to lead his party on exactly the same system; and, at last, we have heard Nick Clegg do what he should have done a long time ago and start to stand up for his Liberal principles.

Forget the ridiculous arguments that AV is more expensive and disregard the argument that it is less fair. The truth is that nothing could be more unfair than the present ‘first past the post’ system which, for over 150 years has allowed the likes of Thatcher and Blair to win election after election, often on less than 25% of the popular vote.

Oh yes; make no mistake. Tony Blair stayed in power using a system which allowed him 10 years of autocratic power without ever winning more than 35% of the vote at best and 24% at worst.

The Conservatives love the present system because it keeps the rest of us in our place. Constituency boundaries, sizes and construction are carefully weighted in favour of the system to ensure that a ‘safe’ seat really is safe. That is why so many of the MPs currently in Parliament have been there for 30 or 40 years with no fear of ever getting kicked out.

That is why they have felt justified in robbing us all by introducing and milking an expenses system that would not have existed in the first place if AV had been in force at the time.

Successive governments for well over 100 years have refused to make Politics a compulsory subject on the curriculum of state schools thus ensuring that most people do not understand what they are voting for and why their vote is important. In other European countries, children study their national political system from the age of 11 onwards to make sure that by the time they are old enough to vote, they know what they are doing.

The present, unfair and biased system has never been explained to most people and so nobody has ever challenged it in any serious way before. What is more, if it wasn’t for the fluke of a hung parliament, it would not be being challenged now and so the built in unfairness would be guaranteed to continue.

You can also forget the nonsense about AV being too complicated. If you can’t add up to three, you should probably not be voting in the first place.

With the 2 party system we have had for nearly 2 centuries, the left has drifted to the right and forced the right to drift towards elected dictatorship. Compare Blair’s policies with the true policies of Cameron – you will find little difference.

AV represents the only chance we will ever have in this country to change things for the better and it is a chance that should be taken now. To vote against AV is to consign what is a pretty miserable, ignorant and selfish country to self-destruction as it tries and fails to resist the changes that are necessary for existence in a truly modern and global world.

Forget Michael Howard and all the other ‘has beens’ that have milked us all dry over the years whilst at the same time causing misery for millions and turning the UK into one gigantic prison. Forget them because they will likely all be dead in a few years time as they are all so old already.

Their out of touch lives and influence will thankfully come to an end and so, hopefully will their 19th century view of life that would have us all paying a tithe tax to our feudal masters if they could get away with it – and doing so for the foreseeable future, long after they themselves have departed the mess that they created.

If you are thinking of voting against AV, think again because unless you want to condemn your children to a country full of greed, oppression and unhappiness you had better vote ‘Yes’. AV might not solve the problems above overnight but it will be a significant start.

Of course the ‘No’ camp want things to stay the same as they are now. What do you expect? That way they not only hang on to power but also make very sure that nobody else can ever take it away from them.

The British are notorious throughout the world for behaving like demented sheep and for ‘putting up with things’. They are not known for wanting to change things, even if keeping what they have is unfair, unjust and causes misery in their own lives. say this: Forget about ‘not complaining’ and complain louder than you have ever complained before. If you don’t you’ll just get more of the same stuff that has held you back for years.

Many of our subscribers and visitors have issues regarding CRB checks, IPP sentences and similar matters. If AV had been in force it is highly unlikely that these measures would ever have become law because the majority to crush those against them would not have existed.

Understand this and understand it well:

If you want ANY chance at all of really changing the law on IPP sentences or CRB checks for example, you must vote ‘Yes’ to AV. If you do not, nothing will change. Current politicians are far too frightened of the tabloids.

There are real problems in this country that no government has so far been able to solve. That is because they are afraid to. AV will force a different type of government and a different type of decision making process. That is the real value of AV and why the likes of Howard and Cameron are so terrified of it.

AV would for the first time in history really force British politicians to serve the public rather than allow them to exploit a system that often guarantees a job for life.

This vote on AV is not really about politics. makes the point that this is actually about fairness, freedom and the right to live a life free from parliamentary oppression. If you do not have the ability to see that then the whole AV argument is irrelevant to you and you are obviously happy to go on living under the authoritarianism that has ruled in this country for so long.

For those of us who want a chance of real freedom however, this is the only chance we get – so take it. Vote for AV and don’t listen to all the political clap-trap being sold.

Just ask yourself one, simple question about the protection given to the rich and powerful under the present voting system:

Do you really want to live in a country which is broke, violent, mean and selfish as it is today because of the failed and unjust voting system of the last 2 centuries or do you want a real chance to change things for the better? strongly supports AV as the only hope for real, positive change in Britain. In our opinion, if you want your life and the lives of your children to be better than at present, so should you.

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One Response to Vote Yes to AV and drag Britain out of the past – for all our sakes

  1. April 24, 2011 at 2:56 pm

    I now live in Australia and I heartily recommend AV. Britain will get a government that is far more representative than what it now has or has had for years. I only wish voting in the UK was compulsoray as it is here, despite what the civil liberties crowd say- it brings out well over 85% of registered voters every time.

    AV is just the beginning of a fairer voteing system. Those entrenched in privilege and power hate it. that says it all.

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