The Truth About IPP Sentences

Why do the British want so many people locked up?

The Justice Secretary, Ken Clarke intends to reduce the number of people held in custody in the UK. No sooner had he made his announcement then the howls of anguish and derision started.

Accusations that he was going soft on crime, exaggerated claims that he would let out hundreds of dangerous people, suggestions that he would cut sentences…and so it still goes on.

The Sun and the Daily Mail are incredibly right wing in their opinions but they are entitled to say what they want. What they are not entitled to do is to try and sway popular opinion with exaggerated claims and fear-mongering. Never forget that whatever they may tell you, the job of a newspaper is to SELL more newspapers, nothing else.

So much for so little…just click on the image above

So next time you see a right wing opinion in a red top tabloid, do yourself a favour and check the facts for yourself; you will get a much better understanding of reality.

The Opinion Site believes that the British are an oppressed people. As such, it is not surprising that they want everyone else to suffer with them and therefore they also expect those who go against ‘society’ to be severely punished.

In other words they are saying, “If I have to suffer, so must you”. That is a sure route to disaster but they will probably only realise that when it is too late.

So, good luck Mr Clarke; this site may support you but don’t expect to much from the British people who prefer to wallow in their nasty, vindictive way of life which demands that anyone who objects to some law or other ought to be locked up for ever.

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