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Will Jon Venables Get a Fair Trial?

The tabloids are doing their thing again over the latest revelations that Jon Venables has been charged with child pornography offences. The Opinion will not repeat his history repeatedly, unlike the cheap and moronicĀ  tabloids, nor will we assume that Venables is guilty as charged. We will not use words such as ‘fiend’ or ‘monster’ and we will not deprive him, or anyone else for that matter, of their right to an impartial hearing.

Venables and Thompson were TEN years old when they committed their original offence. No one of that age is likely to survive the ‘therapy’ or ‘intervention’ that they are forced to endure in prison as a result of trainee psychologists (the Prison Service can.t afford real ones) desperately trying to justify their existence.

Furthermore, the parents of their victim may hate them but even that does not give a green light for everyone to assume the outcome of this latest charge or to resort to the mentality of the witch trials in Salem.

Nor should those in the Prison Service or the Probation Service start congratulating themselves or shout ‘I told you so’, for they lost the gift of independent thought long ago; even if they agreed with this site’s view, they would never dare to say so.

Venables will appear in court under his new, unknown name. That is how it should be. To allow anything else would be to invite the baying mobs and the tabloid editors to vent their collective anger for the woes of the world and sell more papers respectively.

Meanwhile, The Opinion will continue to say what others fear to say.

Whether you agree or disagree, let us know.

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