The Truth About IPP Sentences

Will the US government triumph over Assange and Wikileaks?

Julian Assange is back in the High Court today to fight against attempts to extradite him to Sweden. The story is not that simple though.

Meanwhile, prosecutors in the United States are also eager to get their hands on him. The worry is that if Assange gets shipped out to Sweden, he could end up in the US.

Whether this extradition is from Britain or Sweden does not seem to be important as long as Mr Assange ends up on US soil. Britain is friendliest to the US on this but also has legal safeguards in place which could hinder America’s actions.

These safeguards exist despite the ludicrously one sided, much criticised Extradition Treaty that exist between the Britain and the United States and which is due for parliamentary review anyway. (Read more in this month’s newsletter here)

On the other hand, Sweden does not want to be seen as ‘the bad guy’ and is already under pressure over the alleged sexual offences supposedly committed by Assange last year.

Mr Assange is only wanted for questioning, was arrested on a very dubious European Arrest Warrant, has not been charged with anything and most probably would not go to jail anyway for the alleged offences, even if he were eventually charged and found guilty.

Allegations of politically motivated actions abound and there is no evidence to suggest that any other motive exists for what appears to be a coordinated attack on Assange and Wikileaks.

US embarrassment

Whatever one’s personal feelings about the rights and wrongs of what Wikileaks does, it is hard to ignore the fact that very many people around the world, including millions of US citizens, see Mr Assange as a crusader for both free speech and openness in governments worldwide.

Whether the US administration likes it or not, videos of US helicopters shooting civilians is pretty bad; hiding those videos for the sake of political expediency is even worse, if understandable given the American wish to always be seen as correct, just and fair; a wish echoed by the British government who are just as adept at hiding unpleasant truths from the citizens that they allegedly serve and lying through their teeth when necessary.

The current over supply of right wing, anti-libertarian rhetoric in the United States does not help either.

However, whatever the excuses offered by those in power, it is undeniable that the United States administration and everyone connected with it has been highly embarrassed by the revelations let loose upon the world by Wikileaks.

The problem is that the US, just as the British always do, seem intent on making a bad situation much, much worse.

Instead of letting public boredom take over and allowing Wikileaks to send everyone to sleep with their constant news of wrongdoing by governments, the US has walked straight into a very obvious trap and are now ‘digging for victory’ in what is already a very deep hole.

In fact, it is so deep that they may indeed find it extremely difficult to climb out of it with any sense of credibility or decorum at all.

Worse than all of that, the US may damage its already tarnished reputation as the Defender of Freedom by going against a man and organisation that millions of people see as being one of the last true crusaders for truth and justice.

One might justifiably ask whether the US government is stupid, naive or both.

Those on Capitol Hill might want to reflect on the fact that the US and Britain are two of the most hated nations in the world because of their perceived arrogance and imperialist tendencies.

Put it this way, if America wants to rule the world, Britain wants to be part of it too, even if that means selling its national soul to the Devil himself.

Going up against Wikileaks in the way that they are at present, the Americans are seen as being interested in one thing and one thing only – revenge.

US following Britain to disaster believes that whatever stunt the US tries to pull, whether in Britain or Sweden, they are likely to eventually find themselves standing alone. The US will be isolated and alone and defined as being dishonest and manipulative; much as Britain is seen to be by different nations around the globe. The British will run away because there is nothing in it for themselves.

Britain once really did rule the World and did so by means of slavery, oppression, violence, barbarity and thievery.

Every British government since that time has failed to realise that because of that history, Britain is no longer a true world power with real influence but is in fact an insignificant little island stuck somewhere off the coast of a much larger, much more successful Europe. A Europe where many British people who are fed up with the primitive, overly restrictive and backward nature of their own country would much prefer to live.

Britain has in fact squandered its legacy and betrayed its citizens for the sake of greed and power and has ended up with nothing but misery for its people. Successive British governments grasp at historical straws which have no relevance in today’s world and Britain has become a world renowned expert at bullying and subjugating its own people.

Little wonder therefore that most people in Britain with a brain in their head, apart from those who are still blinded by the fading reflection of past British Imperialism, see Wikileaks and Julian Assange as a force for good.

It is often said that Britain follows the United States. would respectfully advise American citizens that this time they are in real danger of not only following the British but actually following them to the same disaster where lies, hatred, deceit and social misery are all that’s left.

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